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why are your packages so expensive?

For all film and photography services you pay for their equipment, expertise and presence at your event, as well as post production editing. In fact, the editing process is the most time consuming portion of creating your story. Unlike photography, we can't just select stand alone shots and adjust the coloring. We do that and find a way to put transitions, recorded audio, sound effects, music all together into a story; which is why it takes a few patient weeks to create, finalize and ship your finished product. In other words, if we charged hourly rates, the cost would be significantly, and we mean significantly, more.



Wow what a deal! Then why are your rates so low? 

We love what we do and are familiar with the regions venue expenses and understand the struggle is real; so we stay professionally competitive without emptying your pockets just because it's a "wedding"

do you offer lengthier Final Products?

Short answer: No. Though we want to tell your story your way, we specialize in short stories because, unlike a novel, they are more easily enjoyed, shared, told for years, hold your attention, and are significantly cheaper. However, we do have a "FOMO" package you may be interested in.





Can I choose the soundtrack to our film?

We understand the importance and power a song may have to your relationship. Though we are legally obligated to use copyright free music or purchase rights to audio tracks, if you find an acoustic and instrumental version of your song (possibly on YouTube) and receive permission from the artist (we will verify with them) then we are happy to incorporate their work. Otherwise, we will choose a track that we feel exemplifies your story

do you accept tips? 

They aren't expected, but we certainly won't deny your support and appreciation


What do you do with our footage?

After post production is complete, we send you a USB that has your story based on the package chosen. We suggest copying and saving the footage else where too but we keep your final film indefinitely.  Please note, we do not host your videos online for privacy and storage issues but do reserve the right to use your film to promote our business

do you only film outdoor weddings? 

Though we specialize in and enjoy the natural beauty of  the outdoors,

hence our namesake, we are happy to shoot your indoor wedding too! A



When will you arrive and leave on wedding day?

Another reason we don't charge by the hour, is because we don't want you to stress about additional fees on your big day. For the base package, we typically arrive an hour prior to set up our equipment, map out our shots, and get our establishing footage of the venue. Our departure is dependent on the a la carte items selected



do you do Wedding Photography?

Nope. We prefer the magic of cinematography, but can recommend some

awesome photographers that we've worked with in the past.