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How do the packages work? 

Once booking is initiated and we confirm our availability, we will send a clickable brochure for you to make your package selections. The Short Story film is automatically included, then you have the option to select any of the additional 'A La Carte' add ons that you want incorporated into the Short Story. Our package isn't set up with an hourly rate because booking by the hour, in our opinion, isn't the best way to ensure a videographer captures all the best footage. For example, let's say the itinerary is running late, we don't want to clock out  and miss something important or ruin the mood by bringing up overtime charges just because of a scheduled out time. We want to tell your story the best we can, and sometimes that's at the expense of our time - but it's well worth it to deliver a superior product 

why so expensive?

Our prices are based on our talents, not our client's budgets, but we can hopefully find a package that fits yours. Just remember, as the old adage goes, 'you get what you pay for', and professional equipment, expertise, presence at the event, and most importantly, post production editing (the most time consuming and important portion of the video storytelling process) are just plain costly



Wow what a deal! Then why are your rates so low? 

Now you get it! We love what we do and are familiar with the regions price gouging and monetary spiking for venue and vendor expenses when attached to the word "wedding" and understand the struggle is real! Unlike many others, we strive to stay competitive, regardless the occasion, without emptying your pockets

Do you offer lengthier final products? 

Nope. Though we want to tell your story your way, we specialize in short stories because, unlike a novel, short stories are easily enjoyed, shared, told for years, hold yours (and others) attention, and are significantly nicer to your wallet. However, we do have a "FOMO" package you may be interested in

What do you do with our footage?

After post production is complete, we send you a USB that has your Short Story based on the package(s) chosen. We suggest copying and saving the footage somewhere else (Hard drive, the cloud etc) just in case, as we can't guarantee we will store your final film indefinitely (Our retention policy is approximately 1 year). Please note, we reserve the right to use your film to promote our business and we do not provide RAW footage - only the FOMO film package

do you only film outdoor weddings? 

Though we specialize in films incorporating the natural beauty inspired by the outdoors,

hence our namesake, we are just as excited to shoot your indoor wedding



When will you arrive and leave on wedding day?

Another reason we don't charge by the hour, is because we don't want you to stress about additional fees on your big day. For the base package, we typically arrive an hour prior to the ceremony to set up our equipment, map out our shots, interview the couple, and get our establishing footage of the venue. Similar to our departure time, this is subject to change based on your package selections



Will there be a second shooter, a stationary camera,

or any other backup cameras for our wedding? 

Without a second shooter or any other backup, it is nearly impossible to capture

the best moments on one camera, which is why we use all of the above

What is your video style and storytelling approach?

There are typically two types of videography styles: cinematic and documentary. Both are shot throughout the day, but while documentary edits show the progression of the event from start to finish in order, cinematic films are more music video highlight reels and often moments are shown out of order for dramatic affect. We film in the Cinematic style as we believe it tells a more bespoke story


What equipment do you use?

We upgraded our equipment in 2021. Check out our primary gear HERE

Can I choose the Music for our film?

The soundtrack choice sets the tone of your film, and while we typically choose a track that we feel exemplifies your story, we understand the importance and power a particular song may have for your relationship. Though we are legally obligated to use copyright free music, or purchase rights to audio tracks (which isn't always possible), if you feel strongly about a specific track, please let us know so we can perhaps find an acoustic or instrumental copyright free version and or attempt to receive permission from the artist. Additionally, please let us know your favorite genres or provide a list of songs you'd like so we can find something similar if needed. Alternatively, we typically send a few options that we feel will tell the story well prior to editing, and you can select which one you like best 

Once we get our film, are you open to feedback or revisions?

The answer is a resounding "maybe"...  Bottom line, we want you to be happy, but with any art form- satisfaction isn't always guaranteed; so please ensure our filming and editing style is right for you prior to booking, and should you experience an issue with something in the final product, we can definitely discuss potential edits and revisions to see what's possible



do you accept tips? 

They aren't expected, but we certainly won't deny your support and appreciation of our craft


Do you need more storytellers?

If you are an aspiring event videographer interested in shadowing or contract work i.e. second shooter (Canon users with similar styles), or have your own videography event scheduled and would like to contract one of us as a second shooter, let's connect:

do you do Wedding Photography?

Nope. We prefer the magic of cinematography,
but can recommend some awesome photographers upon request



Additional Questions?

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